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It's an honor to photograph your earliest moments with your baby

I’m Erin Marie, and I had no idea nine years ago that I would actually miss being pregnant. And I never imagined that my son would someday want to see pictures and hear stories about how excited we were to be expecting him.

The only problem is, I only have two pictures of from my first pregnancy. One is in a parking lot. The second is of me sitting on the couch with our cat perched on my belly. And neither one is particularly flattering…

It’s because I now look back and wish I had prioritized maternity pictures that I’m so passionate about helping my expecting parents capture theirs. Trust me when I say that you’re going to be so glad you have them later on.

Let’s get you more than a parking lot pic to remember this season by.

Fortunately my mom had more foresight than I when it came to newborn photos and arranged for my son to have a newborn session at our home.

Those pictures are still some of our favorites to this day.

It was an absolute relief to have a professional come to our house and take charge of the situation. We didn’t have to pack the diaper bag, interrupt a sleep schedule that was tenuous at best, or figure out how many outfits we’d need.

This amazing experience inspired the foundation of my in-home newborn sessions. Add to it my exclusive client prep guide that guides you through dressing your post-partum body, and a customized online gallery that allows you to pick your images and artwork from the comfort of home when it’s convenient for you, and you’ve got a session crafted around celebrating your newest little love so you can simply focus on enjoying the moment.


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Erin holds her camera and smiles
Erin takes a picture with her camera

Becoming a mom to my two babies was the biggest, most wonderful change of my life. It is through them that I re-discovered my passion for photographing ordinary moments and creating extraordinary art.

Before having kids I was an elementary school teacher, and before that I had been a nanny. To say I love working with kids and their families is an understatement!

There is nothing more important than celebrating family.

If we went out for coffee, I’d share that…

My first babies were...

Our cats, Melody and Mozart. Mozart was all about the baby bump and made it his mission to keep as close to our kids as possible!

We added our pup to the family after the boys were born.

A baby item I couldn't live without...

Was our Moby Wrap. Our oldest absolutely refused to be put down at any time or for any purpose. Baby carrying was literally a lifesaver for us, and I found the Moby Wrap to be the most comfortable for both of us.

Our favorite baby book was...

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, by Marc Weissbluth, M.D.

After reading every baby book under the sun (okay, not ACTUALLY, but loads of them), this one felt the least judgy and spelled out different options that were age-appropriate for each baby milestone.

As neither of my kids could be called “good sleepers,” I appreciated the reminders of what was age appropriate and what we could try next.

My best advice to new parents is...

Sleep whenever you can!


Ask trusted friends and family to watch the baby so you can take a nap. Whatever it takes. Getting some sleep makes a WORLD of difference!

Our favorite outing with baby was...


It made me feel like a human to get out and go somewhere, I could pick up a few things (along with diapers…always diapers), and there was coffee.


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